Donating without spending any extra money may sound too good to be true but if you’re already an Amazon shopper, then welcome to AmazonSmile. Anyone with an Amazon account can shop through smile.amazon.com and donate .5 percent of their Amazon purchases to Youth R.I.S.E.


Shopping at smile.amazon.com is the same as shopping at Amazon.com.  The Amazon Smile website looks identical to the regular Amazon website, The only difference is that you’re making a difference with your purchases.


Participation is easy. Simply shop through Amazon Smile and choose Youth R.I.S.E. as your charity of choice. Once you have chosen your charity, Amazon will remember this for future visits; you do not need to select your charity each time you shop. However, you DO need to begin your shopping session by entering Amazon through smile.amazon.com. That’s it!


If you begin your shopping session by going directly to amazon.com instead of Amazon Smile, your purchases will NOT be tracked through Amazon Smile and we will not receive the donation. You can be sure you are shopping for Youth R.I.S.E.  by looking at the top left of your screen while you are shopping on Amazon. You should see the Amazon Smile logo, and Youth R.I.S.E. as your supporting charity.


Additionally, when you check out, in your Order Summary screen, there will be a confirmation that your order is benefiting Youth R.I.S.E.


Helpful Tip: Already have a cart full of items at amazon.com but forgot to start shopping at Amazon Smile? No problem. With your items in the cart, simply type amazonsmile.com your browser’s address bar and hit enter. No need to empty your cart and start over!


Sign-up today at smile.amazon.com!

You can help Youth R.I.S.E. while you shop, at no extra cost to you! Just log into smile.amazon.com and shop away!

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